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Intelligent Buildings
Are Our Passion

TekNecks is a Network Design Consultancy based in Minneapolis, MN.  As operational systems, such as building automation, energy management, video management, access control, and many others have converged onto a common IP network.  With this evolution, the need for an Intelligent Building Network Manager has developed.  TekNecks has a 20+ year track record designing and managing Intelligent Building Networks.

Who we are

What We Provide 


Is your system protected in the event of unpredicted network downtime? Implementing TekNecks’ network monitoring services help to prevent these uncertainties. If the device is assigned an IP address, we can protect it with real-time monitoring. You can rest easy knowing that your network is protected with a user-friendly and secure system that’ll alert you if any problems occur. In addition, the system does not communicate out to the master system via encrypted data transfer.


Is your network protected from malicious threats? Stay updated on the latest security protocols.  Implementing our network security solutions can ensure your system will stay ahead of potential threats. Our team of network and technology experts can


Once your devices are set up to receive Power over Ethernet (PoE), it can be daunting to support all system’s power management software. With established PoE management and control practices, you can be sure that the correct amount of power is being delivered to your endpoint devices without having the hassle of multiple power supplies.  Implementing our PoE management services can ensure your systems function as planned.  And our services will adjust to the challenges of higher power requirements, ranging from managing cable bundle temperatures to IP addressing.


Managing The Technology That Supports Your Business

TekNecks’ team works closely with property managers, owners, and IT departments to eliminate the stress of managing your business’ technology. Whether you need network monitoring or design strategies for your building’s network, we’ll help guide you to make smart decisions about the management of your facility.


Over the years, cabling and wires in a commercial building can accumulate, to maintain and update.With a riser management program, you can implement the tools needed to properly manage your Telco and IT riser infrastructure. To start, our team of network specialists work closely with building owners and property managers to conduct a riser audit, physically reviewing each closet used for voice/data communications. Once complete, we’ll work together to leverage and modify existing processes.


The Intelligent

Building Evolution

Our definition of an "Intelligent Building" is that where one system is able to make decisions based on information shared by another system.  In effect, one system can influence another system in an intelligent manner.

With this evolution, the need for an Intelligent Building Network Manager has developed.  TekNecks has a 20+ year track record designing and managing Intelligent Building Networks.

Our Focus Areas


Operational Systems

Operational Systems are those that allow a commercial property to deliver its core purpose to one, or more, an end user groups.  These can include owners, tenants, and/or retail customers.  Common operational systems include Building Automation, Video Surveillance, Card Access, Emergency Communication and Lighting Control Systems.


Energy Management

Commercial properties often deploy systems to help manage and control energy costs.  These can include heating and cooling control, solar array management, lighting control and scheduling, window shading to name a few.  These systems often work in conjunction with each other to minimize the overall footprint of a property on the environment.  Real time communication is often a critical part of this process.


Physical Security

The security of the physical property, and the end users within it, necessitate systems such as surveillance cameras, electrified door locks and card readers, emergency communication intercoms.  In many cases, these systems communicate back to a central monitor station, either onsite, or at a shared facility.

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